Paroles Korova Milky Bar de Myslovitz

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  • Artiste: Myslovitz28391
  • Chanson: Korova Milky Bar
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Textes et Paroles de Korova Milky Bar

School and work and death
I'll go frantic soon
Such an ugly day
I can't stand no more
And I feel like scum
No worth
No luck
No chance
I'm just something like
A mains device

Mother Night, at last
Korova Milky Bar
Cocktail made of grass
Indoor chemicals

And I've opened up
To time
To you
To Earth
And I love you all
And us
And Earth

What's your name, what stuff
Did you take today?
Panoramix Hash...
Acid Teddy Bear...
The reality
Is like a huge black hound
Creeping silently
To eat me up

Where am I now?
Are you here?
I've gone crazy
I've gone weak
My brain's drying
Help me please!

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