Paroles Liquid Cement de Mystik Journeymen

Mystik Journeymen
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  • Artiste: Mystik Journeymen23839
  • Chanson: Liquid Cement
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Textes et Paroles de Liquid Cement

(feat. The Grouch)

How come nobody listens to the message anymore?
I mean, beats is fresh and everything
But don't nobody realize that the world don't stop spinning

[The Grouch:]
I know this place, I swear I've been here before
My mind state confining like a ceiling and a floor
Plus four walls, no door, I scramble for the exit
Can't connect with the key even though it's deep inside me
And I know this, man, I wrote the plan out
Sorta like a blueprint but it never seemed to pan out
I put my hand out, but nobody's there
Thin air plays my partner in times of despair
Rare with the value of no deal and demanding
Commanded by myself, I'm the pilot and I've landed
It's granted that I'm gifted and unrestricted
Yet I'm feeling hella stuck
Somewhat convicted of an uncommited crime
Dropping rhymes like tomorrow isn't gonna come
Is it? Don't borrow from the thoughts of the next man
Answer me with feeling
Sacks of stimuli open eyes when I'm dealing

For the times you sang
For the times you cried
For the people who died to let the future survive

Blind to the world, born as a child
Wild how you never know where to go
But you gotta trust your soul, the more you know
Educate your mind, expand through the time on earth
With search and conquer fear, if you choose love through God
If you hear my screams before it's too late
Too many victims of hate have fallen
I'm calling all within the realms of this voice, you have a choice
Live or die, why have the power of a bomb if you can't uplift the times
I'm a piece of magic left in your tape to radiate truth
As well as make you throw your hands up in the air
At the show and get loose
I was born in the beat and drum
It's funny how they tried to run fear to the homes through the news
Inject propaganda to all the homes that viewed the programs
Uncle Sam brainwashed the elder generation
To give hopes to rule conquered nations
Lost on capitalist pseudo-democracy translation
If you don't get up off your ass and do something
They gonna choose your life for you, ain't that somethin'?
The future is coming, summon all the sheep on the field
Make some noise, and grab some boys
And change the stolen world, yeah


Forced into a nature of man
Gone beyond these streets we walk upon
Built of piss and fear
Here I'm a misfit, never choosing to conform
As I stand within the storm
I held my bloody fist to the sky
I warned them, "You can never stop us!"
Even though you try to drop us
Let their ????? , wet dream
But it's hard when your president is Freudian
I saw Fred Ingles at the podium dressed as Nixon
Who's really tricking me and you?
I think someone's trying to play us for a fool
It costs more to keep you in jail than it does to toss your ass in school
And the tuition is rising......
Will you rise?

Yeah, we can't die...

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