Paroles Against All Odds (Intro) de N-Dubz

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  • Artiste: N-Dubz9902
  • Chanson: Against All Odds (Intro)
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Textes et Paroles de Against All Odds (Intro)

Na na na na niiiiii
Ha ha ha ha ha
Na na na na niiiiii
Ha ha ha ha ha
It was us against the world
No one wanted to know
They left us out in the cold
See these dump motherfuckers they didn't know what
They were doing now they want to come and clap
At my show
It's the fans who made us
You just delayed us
This never would off happened if it wern't for
Unlce B
We were against all odds(Na na na na niiiiiii) Ha Ha
We were against all odds(Na na na na niiiiiii) Ha Ha
We were against all odds

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