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  • Artiste: N-Dubz9902
  • Chanson: Work Work
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Textes et Paroles de Work Work

I never thought I would ever get this far
But I guess I was wrong
Work Work
To me there's no such thing as giving up
You can be anything you want to be
Put your mind to it
Then you'll succeed in life

I never thought I would ever get this far
But I guess I was wrong
Hustle Hustle
To me there's no such thing as giving up
You can do anything you want to do
Keep at it, keep at it
Then you'll succeed in life

[Verse 1]
See stones can be used so well
Cos the money comes in bunches in space of hours
I don't wanna work for no prick
I'd rather chill here underneath these towers
But nor do I wanna go in jail and me have to look back
Everytime I'm in the showers
Are you mad?
Ive got a number 1 to make
Cheques to receive that you wouldn't believe
T show off your voice


See me i scream for the scrape my taxman rape
Government wonderin why we show hate
When theres kids sayin mummy im starving hungry need food in my tummy
Mammas crying out loud now cos she don't got no money
See she puts the kids infront of her she aint ate for days
She exhausted, feeling worn out
See I've been there before
Rice and corn, beef without a ???

So whatever you work as,
Make sure you keep at it
I've seen a lot of lives go to waste
But as for me


[Verse 2]
I don't know what I want to be
My life can't be worthless
There's got to be a point in living
I'll keep up til I succeed
If never end up there\'s more I can achieve
Aint got no time for no boyfriends these days
I got to stay focused move things in my way
I got to stay on top in this industry
These little quick chicks got style you ain't never seen
Soap operas want a piece of me
Haters wanna see my bleed
I got to be, have to be, on top of my game


Some people live perfect living spending thousands
Us in the gutter, make ?? cry by the thousands
If they only knew how it is where we grew
They call us thugs and we put our chin chins up so
So what the hell is going on in the world of today
I don't really know could you tell me T
But I cant work it out
But I cant work it out
What about us
We'll survive


See mama keeps wishing for a new kitchen
She needs more space when she cooks her chicken
Times are hard for her
Family of 5 two bedroom flat
Now tell me if you can relate to that!!

(Thanks to Sasha for these lyrics)

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