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Naked Breed
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Textes et Paroles de V

Don't wait up for the old times
They're mistaken don't cross the line
Take my hand and you will see
How this one man makes them bleed.

Not to say that we don't need to find another
Asking for cover, needing humanity
Not to say that we don't need to have a light on
Lonely when night comes, being what's meant to be.

In time. you'll see...
this is only inside of me.

to waste another one, wouldn't take too long to ease the mind.
Feel it coming like the wind across the open sky.
To find a place to rest, it'll never be enough it's a long way to home.
A long way to home.

Take the path on the right today.
Not too sure which is the way.
Open eyes, they'll always see.
That this time we've come to stay.

Not to say that we don't need to seek another
Asking for comfort, chasin dark clouds away
Not to say that we don't need the ground to walk on
Under our feet when we turn the night into day.

In time, you'll see...
This is only inside of me.

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