Paroles Inferno de Nasty Savage

Nasty Savage
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  • Artiste: Nasty Savage6885
  • Chanson: Inferno
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Textes et Paroles de Inferno



Poles lie twisted in the ruins of Warsaw's shattered
The Wermacht's strength has left it's mark with
lightning speed and power
The West responds uneasily to face another war
The Axis lords plan their assults for their territory

From frozen arctic wastes the battle rages in it's
To blazing desert sands the land is overrun with blood
On land and sea in the air the swords of nations clash
The West is stabbed with a vicious blow and writhes in



Continental Europe falls under Axis occupation
But England stands unfalliable despite a constant rain
of fire
The Deutsch Luftwaffe fails as the RAF stands strong
So the Fuhrer's eyes look to the east to Russia's
endless plains


The Russian's lines collapse as panzers smash the
Eastern Front
But far too large a battle feild ends all hopes for
Outmatched buy vicious weather, Moscow's walls remain
And an army's strength and might lie dead and frozen
in the snow

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