Paroles Blind de Nate James

Nate James
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  • Artiste: Nate James4208
  • Chanson: Blind
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Textes et Paroles de Blind

In all My days
In all the worlds I've made
I still have a place in My heart
For My beloved
I hold you there
And I want to share
All of Me

My child you are so blind to how beautiful you are

If you'd be still
Then you'd finally hear
How completely dear you are to Me
And I am waiting
To move your life
The way that you move Me
The way that you move Me

My child you are so blind to how beautiful you are

I'm holding you in My arms
I'm holding you in My heart
I'm holding you in My thoughts
I'm holding you in My heart

I'm doing it now

My child you are so blind to how beautiful you are

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