Paroles Backroom Boys de Nazareth

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  • Artiste: Nazareth15977
  • Chanson: Backroom Boys
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Textes et Paroles de Backroom Boys

The backroom boys are playin' real hard
There's a lot of money rollin' on the next card
Some are goin' up some are goin' down
Some'll never make it to the next round

Stone me it don't come free
You gotta be a winner
If you wanna be a backroom boy

They got--a room full of women
A table full of booze
Gettin' meaner with the dealer--'cause he can't lose
Someone shouts out,"it's a goddamn shame"
The dealer's gettin' meaner with the cocaine

(1)Stone me it don't come free
Gotta be a winner
If you wanna be a backroom boy
Can't stay home get uptown
Get your ear to the ground
If you wanna be a backroom boy

(2) Up all night, playin' it right
Backroom boys
Look in your eye, never say die
Backroom boys

(3) The backroom boys are all the same
Even take your money when they play games
Take you when you're up, kick you when you're down
You'll always be a loser in their town

[repeat (1)]

[repeat (2)]

[repeat (3)]

[repeat (1)x2]

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