Paroles Survive Or Die de Nekromantix

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  • Artiste: Nekromantix5103
  • Chanson: Survive Or Die
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Textes et Paroles de Survive Or Die

i met her in a bar - it was love at first sight
i went to bed with her, yeah, the very first night
tell me the truth doctor, please don't lie
is it serious - will i survive or will i die

survive or die
will i survive or will i die
will i survive or will i die
will i survive or will i die

she said to me "we don't need no protection"
i trusted in her words, blinded by her affection
there is nothing i can do no matter how hard i try
an angel of death she was, all i can do is cry

survive or die
will i survive or will i die
will i survive or will i die
will i survive or will i die

now, i've got the disease in me, but i don't wanna die
sitting here, all alone, wondering why it happened to me

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