Paroles Will You Love Me? de Nelson

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  • Artiste: Nelson15685
  • Chanson: Will You Love Me?
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Textes et Paroles de Will You Love Me?

I always will remember- those sultry desert nights
(Our) hearts burning with a passion- whoa, it's never felt so
It was meant to last forever- but when I reached out you were
It's taken time to mend this broken heart and forget you done me

Now you're back after all this time
You've rewakened all the feelings that I've tried so hard to
Hide- but baby-

Will you love me like you loved me yesterday?
That's all I need to know
Will you love me like you loved me yesterday?
Or will you just let me go?
We could leave the pain behind us- take a shot at love again-
We could fool ourselves believing that our love would never end-
I've been missing you- whoa- what should I do?
Did you really have a change of heart or are you playing me for a
You don't have to tell me where you've been
But there is one thing I've gotta know before I let you in- baby-


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