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Textes et Paroles de Boys To Men

Growing up can be a pain
You're not an man until you come of age
We've given up our teenage years
In the effort to pursue our career
Who assumes responsibility
Of having to support our families
Who's protecting us from harm
Is there anyone around
That we can trust

So we search for answers to our questions
Looking for a answer
No answers but we're taught a lesson everytime
Through mistakes we've learned to gather wisdom
Cause lifes responsibility falls in our hand oh

Keep on learning
Keep on growing
'cause wisdom helps us understand
We're maturing
Without knowing
These are the things that change boys to men

Oh the goals we set may exceed reality
Cause failurealways is a possibility
Who can tell us that we're wrong
It's up to us to figure out
What life is all about

So we search for answers to questions
Looking for the answers
No answers but we're taught a lesson everytime
Through mistakes we've learned to gather wisdom
'cause wisdom helps us see our responsibility.

I know it is hard sometimes growing up can be a pain
Know what I mean know what I mean
Is all you have to do is
All you have to do is hold on hold on hold on no no no no no baby

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