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Textes et Paroles de Do What I Gotta Do

(so so hard girl)
(i don't know how to do this)
(Oh i guess its one of those things a man just has to do)
(but i promise it'll work out for the better, trust me)

I've been feeling lately like being single or just alone, to get into myself
Love ain't easy, it can be crazy games that we play, sometimes the rules have
To change
I don't wanna treat her cruel, but i like honesty, so what am i gonna do?

I guess i'll do what i gotta do and break her heart. i don't wanna see her cry
But its hard to live a lie
So i gotta do what i gotta do and break her heart, and though i love the girl i
Know that the best thing is for us to be apart

Any good relationship starts inside of a happy man, i think she will understand
If i tell her straight then she can only respect me, even if we don't agree
I dont wanna treat her cruel, but i like honesty baby so what am i gonna do?


Ohh let me break to you gently
I dont want to (do what i gotta do) hurt you
All that i can do (what am i gonna do)
And i dont wanna see ya cry baby but what am i gonna do?


(the best thing is for us to be apart)

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