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Textes et Paroles de Remember Us

last night I peeped your skeelo I watched you from afar
another lover with lots of money let you drive his fancy car
he never really takes the time out to tell you that he cares
when you stressed and you want to talk about it
his time is never there

seeing you makes me miss you so much
your in a place where he shows you no love
I want you to know that I feel your pain
and I would do anything in this world if I could feel your love again.


Do you remember us and the way true love used to be
remember making love
felt you so close to me
I remember love
girl,can't you see
I remember us
when love was love between you and me.
[Repeat last line]

[Verse two]

Can you truly tell me that I never seem to cross your mind
everytime I think about us I shake my head and wonder why
did I ever let you slip away please tell me what am I to do
I rather live life lonely than live without my boo.

I can't hide what I'm feeling inside
we both know that you should be mine
I want you to know that I feel your pain I'll do anything in this world if I can feel your love again



Ever since that day that I let you slip away
I always felt that I was your fool
baby you know that things have changed
you know it seems like love has lead my heart right back too baby

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