Paroles Love And Pain de New Found Glory

New Found Glory
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  • Artiste: New Found Glory2860
  • Chanson: Love And Pain
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Textes et Paroles de Love And Pain

Leave it to me, to lose all your confidence
and no i can't stop, this train wreck before it hits
I hope I don't sound, like the X's on your calendar
I stumble on new ground, to gather up the formula

Fate, faith
you and me
love and pain
fate, faith
you and me
love and pain
even I know, there's a line between emotion and
fate, faith
you and me
love and pain

How selfish of me, to think I'm the only one
to question mistakes, a fools game I'm losing now
just taking my time, planning out my escape
I'm scared what I'll find but it's the choice I have
to make

We can't control what we are
It's not our place, it's out of our hands

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