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New Kids On The Block
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Textes et Paroles de Girls

I like what you know, I like what you show
No doubt about it, I wanna be where you go.
I wouldn't change it, or try to explain it
Some guys can be with girls and wind up complainin`
But I wouldn't if I could
I'm not that kind of yesterday a mood swing serious.
It's just sauce for the goods
I don't even want to figure it out
I'm too busy thinkin'about you.


Girls, where would boys be without girls to love
You know that I'd be with you girls,
Where would boys be without girls to love - sweet love

What would I do without someone like you
Without your sexy smile, those ways won't cramp my style
But you made me sweat when you played hard to get
One kiss from your lips though and I forget
That's how you make me feel on the real to real
All I wanna do is be true to you
Don't need the loneliness, to hell with phoniness
I would never leave love out, because I'm all about you, girl


Can live with em,can live with em, can't live without girls

You got me sweatin, can't ya tell?
Without perfume I love your natural smell
Others won't say that, they like to front
'Cause if they ain't one way, then the girl's a skunk
But you can be yourself, come and chill a while
Do your own thing, it won't cramp my style.
And I'll be there goin'right with the flow
Yeah I know, and also love the way you show
Your innocent side, your straightup side
Look we can make you work without the foolish pride
And where would I be without my girl
You know it really doesn't matter, wouldn't trade her for the world.


I like the things you know, I like the things you show
I wanna be where you go.
Makin' me want you, all the things you do
I speak for whatever you do


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