Paroles Yoo Bik Wi Tes de Nhchristian

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  • Artiste: Nhchristian28784
  • Chanson: Yoo Bik Wi Tes
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Textes et Paroles de Yoo Bik Wi Tes

Has it occured to you
everything is blurred to you.
Yet you eat and eat at my snity.
Everywhere I go you eat at my sanity.

You are never there,
but you're everywhere
every where, every where.

It hasn't dawned on me
yopu might be the one for me.
Every waking moment thinking of you.
God, I can't stop thinking of you.

You were never there
but it seems like
you're everywhere, everywhere.

My fingers point at you.
Yours at me too.
Ofcourse I always break up with you.
You make me break up with you.

Ev rey where, Ev ery where,
You're ev ery where.
But you never cared for me.

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