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No Authority
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  • Chanson: What I Wanna Do
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Textes et Paroles de What I Wanna Do

Hey, hey baby
I've been waiting for so long
For someone just like you
And I know, girl deep in my soul
That I wanna kick it to you
Let's get personal

Tell me what to do
Cuz it's all about you
Anything you want, girl
I'm a do it too
24/7 I'm a tell you
What I wanna do, girl
What I wanna do
You blow my mind
Anytime, day or night
Can't deny, I won't try
How you make me feel inside
You blow my mind everytime
You're so sweet
So divine, I won't try
How you make me feel inside

Now I'm the one for you
No matter what they say
I can take you 'round
The universe in just one day
And if I had the chance, baby
If I had the chance
Let me show you how good this could be
If you just let me in


Listen girl, I cannot lie
You know you're the rainbow in my sky
In my heart, where our love is
Nothing is more meaningful than this


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