Paroles Cops And Donuts de Nofx

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  • Artiste: Nofx4043
  • Chanson: Cops And Donuts
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Textes et Paroles de Cops And Donuts

When I was on the freeway, doing 70 all drunk
A copper pulled me over, and I thought that I was sunk
He came up to my car, I thought up a little trick
I took a donut, jelly filled, and put it on a stick
He came up to my window, and shouted to get out
So I quickly took the donut and I shoved it in his mouth
So I drove away, he shouted for some more
So I threw it out the window and he ate it off the floor

Cops and donuts
Cops love donuts
Cops love donuts
Cops and donuts

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