Paroles M For Mature de Normal Like You

Normal Like You
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  • Chanson: M For Mature
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Textes et Paroles de M For Mature

we've got a live one on our hands
scenario rated m for mature
should i be obliged to apprehend your aura?
insolence has no cure

the performance had its moments
nevertheless a failed attempt gone all wrong
it starts today, let's drive the campaign into the ground
you'll get what you deserve.
(are you ready? well get ready)

steady aim
kill miser
reject what you wanted
inject what you deserve
get ready
it's your turn
is this what you wanted?
regret what you deserve

we've got a smug one watch him dance
incredible isn't quite the right word
focus on my voice, you're no better than us
the penny saved is not earned

are you ready well get ready

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