Paroles The Escape de Nostradameus

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  • Artiste: Nostradameus7088
  • Chanson: The Escape
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Textes et Paroles de The Escape

[The prince:]
Through with my masterplan,
Now it's time to act
If I wait it'll be too late to save our beloved state

I have seen my only chance in my wardener
He's a corageous and good man but he has a naive mind
"Help me wardener, I'm not feeling well help me, I beg you, please, the ache is killing me"

Run quick now Soldiers hunting for me now
The time has come to take the power in my hand
To escape and save the land

Screaming loud in unreal pain.
I hope they'll hear my cries
The doctor's chamber with aid is just down the narrow hall.

Break loose fly away,
I'm running for my life
To the suburbs I set my course.
There I'll disappear.

Run quick now...

[Solo Jake / Michael / Jake]

I must sleep, can't go on,
I must charge energy
Quiet and peace in a dead end street,
I'll sleep here 'til the dawn Run quick now...

[The prophet of all times:]
Run quick now
Soldiers hunting for you now
The time has come to take the power in your hand
So act and understand

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