Paroles The Prettiest Sin de Number One Fan

Number One Fan
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  • Chanson: The Prettiest Sin
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Textes et Paroles de The Prettiest Sin

I love the way she moved.
This all may change inside the bedroom.
Let's wait for nerves to dim.
This has to be the prettiest sin.

If I cant break the spell who could.

I thought you leave a note.
Cuz after all it's not far to go.
The weaker ones will break,
after all the scene is hard to take.

This wont change anything Im sure.
This wont change anything, I love to prove you wrong.
Was it the way I didnt show up, or maybe the way I wouldnt beckon to your call.
This wont change a thing Im sure.

I loved the way she moved.
Convictions died inside the bedroom.
Dont wish us all these things.
Heaven knows the dirty luck it brings

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