Paroles In Memory de Nural

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  • Artiste: Nural15132
  • Chanson: In Memory
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Textes et Paroles de In Memory

To Hard to believe
And it still hasn't hit me
Confusion as to how I feel
And I need to be shown
The direction I should go
Take everything and never be the same

Manipulated minds and suffering
Trying to hold back all of these feelings
I'm blinded by hate and misery
To afraid to face reality
It seems so unreal but I can't deny
These of thoughts of you that still remain in my mind
Realizing that your never coming back

And that's the way we left it
And that's the way it's dealt with
No where, no where to go but down

There's too much to take and there's no way
I could ever imagine how I feel today
And still you pretend that it's nothing new
As if all this doesn't concern you
But still I picture you, in memory

And I just can't believe
This is really happening
That one's mind could so corrupted
Take it all away
And never feel the same
You'll live with it and never forgiven

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