Paroles Euclidean Elements de Obscura

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  • Artiste: Obscura35652
  • Chanson: Euclidean Elements
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Textes et Paroles de Euclidean Elements

Our time will be devised as they will be
Taken from the present, above and below
When you become the salt in the wounds
Mankind will rise again - baptism by fire

An imagination along unrestricted bounds
A distant future, appearance of illusion
When you feel the merge within the wounds
Mankind will rise again - baptism by fire

When we fall toward a new sun aeon
Nothing more than a mere underneath
When you see throughout the worlds
Within the suns - downward and dead

Between our visible world
At the place, highest of all
I will turn to my mind's eye
Where the blame lies with me

We are here among ourselves
With the sun and stars above us
An abyss within the depth
At a splendid place, above and below

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