Paroles The Axeman de Omen

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  • Artiste: Omen7187
  • Chanson: The Axeman
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Textes et Paroles de The Axeman

In the days of darkness men feared not the sword and the lance
Nor did he fear the beast of fire... He feared...

Once we lose our precious dream there's nothing left to fight
Now you are bound and gagged one last meal is your final right
Many have tried you're not the only one waiting for that final mourn
The future's set dawn is coming time is now the mask will be worn


Bow down to the axeman hooded figure of mortal fear
Bow down to the axeman sun is rising time is near

Darkness fills your parting soul mystical power was yours alone
You stole the king's crown of gold claiming his kingdom for your own
Good and evil clash in battle armies fight into the night
Steel and iron ring out the warning powers on the side of right


The sign of the king unites us all our fight for freedom rages on
Against warriors of light many fall our dreams of peace are not all gone
Once we lose that precious dream there's nothing left to fight
Now you are bound and gagged one last meal is your final right


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