Paroles Life On The Outside de One Way System

One Way System
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  • Chanson: Life On The Outside
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Textes et Paroles de Life On The Outside

Of the violence
They can't wash thier hands
For the sufferers
The treaties stand
But in a war
Of silent screams
Are the victims
Of another dream

Life on the outside
Has no cross to bear
Life on the outside
Has no guilt to share
The swords of justice
Will strike the blow
Is there life of the outside?
Tell us, we gotta know

Motivation has passed them by
The years of torment
Have just run dry
The fear of fear is nothing ne
The days are short
For the chosen few

You've fallen victim
To another lie
Your hopes are raised
Till the day you die
Face the truth, can't you realise
The dream is over
The dream has died

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