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Operation:cliff Clavin
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Textes et Paroles de Empty

can you tell me that you're happy the way you live your life?
can you honestly tell me you feel like your free?
can you do what you wanna do?
can you go whereever you please?
can you go for a day without turning on your tv?
and you know that you're gonna be the kind of slave they want you to be now
i can see it in your eyes
in your eyes
can you tell me that you're satisfied with just barely getting by?
i can't believe it costs so much today just to survive
can you tell me that you really like your stupid job?
do you like getting paid so much less than your ignorant boss
and you know that you're gonna be the kind of slave they want you to be now
i can see it in your eyes
in your eyes
in your eyes

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