Paroles The Dancefloor Clinic de Ordo Draconis

Ordo Draconis
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  • Artiste: Ordo Draconis9582
  • Chanson: The Dancefloor Clinic
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Textes et Paroles de The Dancefloor Clinic

[Lyrics by Tyrann]

The earth is calling
The flute's enthralling rodent mammal muridae

Before the blooming of a new age,
Renaissance takes death for granted

Xenopsylla Cheopsis cutting a caper
Cavorting on the oeuvre of Ferdinand Loh

In the cadence of hooves' adagio
White linen garments beckon eagerly
As every third is found prostrated on the hearse

St. Rochus, St. Sebastian,
Bless us from the scourge of mankind

Semen sowed in septic seedbed
Bodies' buboes budding freely
Flagellating flesh-furrows

Doctor Beak, the juggler
Conducting his dreaded bâton
Exposes random lung and boil

The maestro of the mortals
Spins obscene pirouettes throughout the operating theatre

Hemidemisemiquaver tarantella-scherzo
Caravacan Phylakterium: get thee hence, blackest of plagues!

Your lymph-notes' rhythm
Is symptomatic of
S.evere A.cute T.anzwut S.yndrome

Expelle pestem a me et a loco isto et libera me
Col tempo, la tempesta
Gluttony satiated?

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