Paroles Better Place de Overflow

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  • Artiste: Overflow8816
  • Chanson: Better Place
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Textes et Paroles de Better Place

Let's add some light to this gloomy world
Despite the views that we once held
Sometimes you have a smile spread across your face for about a mile
You're okay for awhile
I know you want a better way
It's waiting just for you in a better place
You've got to make a change of heart
He'll show you where to start
He'll teach you how to live
Come on and come with me
Before your life can begin
You gotta grab your cross and follow Him
What a better place this could be
I wanna help you find the remedy
Be everything that you can be
It's so easy
You're always out of luck and feeling down
Your world is spinning round and round
To the ground
You just gotta believe it, come on, believe it
You've got to make a change of heart
Come on and get your party started
Oh don't you know
Before your life can begin you've got to follow Him

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