Paroles Ride That Feeling de Overloaded

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  • Artiste: Overloaded40803
  • Chanson: Ride That Feeling
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Textes et Paroles de Ride That Feeling

I don't mind if you want to head home my way.
I know you've been drinkin' and that's got me thinking OK!
I'll be called the liar to fill our desire my princess.
Who knew that wrong could feel so right…
You know your never gonna make it home tonight

Just Ride that Feeling
Ride that Feeling - Ride On
Ride that Feeling
Then Burn that Feeling when the morning' come

I don't mind if you wanna lick off my teeth.
With nothing in common I'm amazed how your into me
I'll come over to see ya, my time is free if you can cancel that
Your job is a dead end on a one way street
Would you throw it all away just to be with me?

We're only friends, the gun I put up to your head ain't literal
Go find another job and stop following me
Become a private dancer, a dancer for money on the sunset strip yeah
Why you talkin' about integrity?
I thought you threw that all away for me oh yeah.
Tell the time and place for me to see your face doll
Give me the place and time for another lie
We can be alone but then I'm goin home back to my life
I hate to say it baby you're on your own
I won't be there to hold you in the winter
I won't be awakened by your cries.
But baby you know that I'm gonna hold that promise for you
Whenever I'm on your side of town…
Give me that wink and I'll follow you down.

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