Paroles I'm Genuine de Oxymoron

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  • Artiste: Oxymoron12544
  • Chanson: I'm Genuine
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Textes et Paroles de I'm Genuine

What do you wanna hear?
Well I haven't fucking changed
Some progress has been made but my attitude's remained the same
You'd better expect fuck all, I owe you no excuse
I don't need to justify my affairs nor explain the way I chose

I haven't been around to feed a new breed
I haven't been in for it all to satisfy some need
And never have I done it out of greed

Cos I'm no trendy prick - I'm genuine
Just the way I am - no trendy scheme
No, I'm no trendy prick - I'm genuine
I'm genuine, no trendy scheme
Slag off your bands, destroy your scene...

You're easily led astray to spread out what rumours say
But the image that you have in mind is as false as what you read

We're just another bunch of everyday's yobbos
We've got a common aim and share the same troubles
And all the trendy wankers make us sick

We live off the nation's garbage can
Trying to make do as best as we can
We live off the nation's garbage can
We ain't no trendy Wankers man

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