Paroles An Icon For The Damned de Paganizer

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  • Artiste: Paganizer10281
  • Chanson: An Icon For The Damned
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Textes et Paroles de An Icon For The Damned

Immortality through war
Dead but risen to be worshipped
Icon of the resisting few
New hope for the damned

Buried but not forgotten
Bringing hope to those who will die
Hero of the bloodsoaked fields
Where flesh and steel collides

Icon of the damned
Hero of this burning land
Immortality and living on
As an icon for the damned

Shot and killed by the enemy
Yet stronger than ever before
A wall of strength and courage
The spearhead of this war

Icon of the damned
Hero of this burning land
Immortality and living on
As an icon for the damned

Once alive and wreaking havoc
Now but a memory
Still the source of unyielding power
To carry forth the free

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