Paroles Martius / Nauticus II de Pain Of Salvation

Pain Of Salvation
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  • Artiste: Pain Of Salvation4252
  • Chanson: Martius / Nauticus II
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Textes et Paroles de Martius / Nauticus II


I'm at the line - I see it all
I am Nauticus now
And so much more
I am all you know

I'm at the line - just at the line
An eternity at the blink of an eye
In this place called time
I'm everything
I am all

[Nauticus II]

I feel every mountain
I hear every tree
I know every ocean
I taste every sea (...)

I see every spring arrive
I see every summer thrive
I see every autumn keep
I see every winter sleep (...)

For I am every forest
I am every tree
I am everything
I am you and me
I am every ocean
I am every sea
I am all the breathing "BE"

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