Paroles Long May You Burn de Papa M

Papa M
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  • Artiste: Papa M30068
  • Chanson: Long May You Burn
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Textes et Paroles de Long May You Burn

I had a dream last night about a firefly
she came into my room and my bed sat by
I asked at once how in the world do you burn so bright
she laughed and said she learned from watching the stars at night
and she cursed the robin that eats her young
and lies in every song he sung
and insults her at every turn
and her only wish to him
long may you burn
I plan on going home and starting life anew
maybe even have ourselves a kid or two
I'm almost there, I can feel the heat
of horses breathing down my neck
and serpents wrapping round my feet
and lo the talons digging in
breaking bones and tearing skin
the moon looks on without concern
and my only wish to you
long may you burn

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