Paroles Cool Zero de Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar
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  • Artiste: Pat Benatar10052
  • Chanson: Cool Zero
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Textes et Paroles de Cool Zero

Art attacks from subway walls
Sprayed like bullets into concrete face
Everywhere you turn, knuckles are crackin'

Suburban monkeys break ghetto habits
Body guns loaded for a dime
See `em shed their celebrity skin
For a life of trash and crime


Cool Zero
You wanna know where the wild ones go
Cool Zero
You wanna know where the bodies are burned
Crawlin' under every rock, you gotta see what time forgot
Cool Zero (Cool Zero) Cool Zero

Nothin' stops the hit parade
Money makers will be shaken down
Everywhere you go, fingers are snappin'
Commercial prophets shout revolution
Throwin' dirt upon a good mans name
Watch `em sell his soul for shoes
And dance upon his grave


In this junk food civilization
They will eat and not think twice
For a dance in the dragons jaws
They will gladly pay the price
An' eat their fill - Ooh, Ooh - Hey

Headlines turn in violent days
Run like blood across the printed page
Everywhere you look, atoms are smashin'
Politicians smilin' for the camera
And the pictures make you wanna scream
Maybe baby, we'll just play it cool
Like Elvis at 19


Cool Zero (Cool Zero) Cool Zero ....

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