Paroles Eviscerated de Pathogen

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  • Artiste: Pathogen18050
  • Chanson: Eviscerated
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Textes et Paroles de Eviscerated

When I was a child
I was told the things I could not do
Locked in eternity, deep inside
Stop me from being known, by you
Now these years have passed
Upon this alter strapped down I lie
Charged with words I didn't speak
To rid me of my cowering life
Knee-deep in bloody gore!!!

Evisceration, knee-deep in bloody gore
Disentombed, to work your foul deeds me
You will know what is the real me
End this being labelled mockery
Labelled deformity

You can't know the pain
End this being labelled mockery
End this being labelled deformity
Deformity Deformity Deformity!!!!!

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