Paroles Move Over Busker de Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney
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  • Artiste: Paul McCartney2979
  • Chanson: Move Over Busker
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Textes et Paroles de Move Over Busker

Well, the rest of my life lay in front of me,
I was pedalling down the road,
When I saw nell gwynne and her oranges,
And I say, "i'll have one of those!"
She said,
"move over, busker, don't bang the drum,
Move over, busker, your time will come.

Well, I was hanging around for a miracle,
Struggling with a rhyme,
When I saw mae west in a sweaty vest,
And I said "i'll come up and see you some time".
She said,
"move over, busker, that's not my style,
Your chance is coming in a little while."

You've got it coming, come on, come on,
You've got it coming, coming to you.
You've got it coming, come on, come on,
You've got it coming, coming to you.

Well, I've been waiting, (waiting)
But I'm impatient,
No one can hold me back,
I wanna stay with the action.
But I won't get it, (get it)
My great illusion will vanish anyhow
If I don't grab it now.

Oo-wee, babe!
A belly dancer!

Well, I was hacking my way through the undergrowth,
Juggling with my pride,
When I saw errol flynn in a tiger skin,
And I said, "you look satisfied!"
Uh, well, he looked down at me from his motor home,
And he gave me a dirty smile.
He said,
"well, yes, I am, but she's calling me,
Would you excuse us for a while?"

Yeah, move over, busker, your day is done,
Move over, busker, my time has come.

I'm telling you to
Move over, busker, (come on, come on)
I'll bang my drum. (come on, come on)
Move over, busker, my time has come.
(you've got it coming, coming to you)

Ooh, move over, busker, (come on, come on)
Yeah, your day, your day is done. (come on, come)
Move over, busker, my time has come.
(you've got it coming, coming to you)

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