Paroles Eventually de Pedestrian

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  • Artiste: Pedestrian30344
  • Chanson: Eventually
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Textes et Paroles de Eventually

a room is dimly lit, a table by the door
a crash hangs in the air, bits of love lie on the floor
it`s happening again, always more of what we need
the clutter of routine, life`s a dumpster full of seeds
don`t burdon me with this, don`t mess with me today
it`s all i`ve left to give
it seems i don`t belong, and i will find a way
eventually i'm due

keep it to yourself, leave this one alone
i`ve been kicking patiently, i`ll try this on my own
don`t look for me this time, i`m already gone
up and out of here
can you reveal to me, what i am supposed to be
eventually i'm due

with you i`ve always been, with you i will remain
erase apology, we`re better than the mud
so i`ve got work to do, to make myself feel good
cause the thought of you, still makes total sense

so i am slow to come around, but it`s my only chance
to reckon with these rules
encourage me to breathe, inspire me to stay
eventually i'm due
though i might be thrilled, i am not going to tell
anymore to you
though i won`t be long, i still might take my time
eventually i'm due


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