Paroles Fate, Confidence And An Encounter de Penfold

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  • Artiste: Penfold12684
  • Chanson: Fate, Confidence And An Encounter
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Textes et Paroles de Fate, Confidence And An Encounter

It's getting dark out
Is it over, are we there yet
Why aren't we moving
Are we driving, this is too slow
Can we stay
Why are we still here, have we gone too far
Is it too late to turn back
Can you hear me at all
Can we make mistakes
Swimming past the dead who are long gone but still begging for dreams
And if we end up drowning, save my voice but forget about me
Why are we still here
Have we come too far
Is it too late to turn back
I can't see at all, can we stay afraid
I'm on my way home

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