Paroles Warzone de Pete Rock

Pete Rock
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  • Chanson: Warzone
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Textes et Paroles de Warzone

(feat. Dead Prez)

Get your drank on
Get your smoke on
Get your dance on, skin tight pants on
Get your party on
Get your holla on
Doogie-dance, lil' mama, get your party on
Get your groove on
Get your yak on
If you game tight, playa, get your mack on
Get your thug on
Get your buzz on
But don't forget we livin in a warzone

[Verse 1]
Bouncers actin like cops in the club
Mothefuck around and get dropped in the club
They don't play enough 2Pac in the club
The industry done made too pop in the club
That nigga don't need no mink in the club
15 Dollas for a drink in the club?
Got it like a fuckin precinct in the club
What do these motherfuckers think in the club
Come on!

Whole lotta ass in the club
Ballaz spend a lotta cash in the club
Whole lotta dro gettin passed in the club
But them cameras got the zone blasted in the club
I don't even bring ID to the club
why they need to know my goverment name in the club?
I ain't got no paper for a bar in the club
I already got drunk fore I came in the club
Come on!


[Verse 2]
Everybody act like thugs in the club
They get drug in the club
Blowed like Shyne in the club
Lost they mind in the club
Puffin off like thugs in the club
Spendin up yo whole paycheck in the club
Dont get no respect in the club
Niggaz sell dro in the club
But we can't blow in the club
Thats why I don't go in the club

[Hook & Bridge]

[Verse 3]
Forget about the world outside in the club
You can run but you can't hide in the club
Dance to the goverment lies in the club
F**k that, party all night in the club
Still dames got no rights in the club
Party by the disco lights in the club
We spend a lotta cash in the club
But we don't got it on smash in the club
Cause (Come on)


[Verse 4]
Everybody's girlfriend's eating in the club
Everybody's boyfriend's eating in the club
Niggaz got a shank in a boot in the club, (?)
Ready to cut a secret ID from the hands in the club, (?)
Like what is corrupt in the club
Niggaz buy weed in the club
Crackers buy coke in the club
Get high in the club
Then die in the club
But they gotta bring identify in the club

[Verse 5]
If you see me in the club
Give a pound and a hug
Show love
Im just another thug in the club
But you can't rub me the wrong way
We can get it one, sho nuff, in the club
We can take it out in the club
Whats it all about, nigga what?
Why the fuck I came in the club
Get fucked up in the club
Loose a lot of blood in the club
Why the fuck I came in the club?


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