Paroles The Way Things Used To Be de Peter Salett

Peter Salett
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  • Chanson: The Way Things Used To Be
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Textes et Paroles de The Way Things Used To Be

I've got an old friend
Getting married this weekend
It does not seem like I'll be there.
But I've been tracing
Tryin' to remember
Some of the things we used to care about
When ya gonna save a corner(?) of a place I haven't seen?
When ya gonna have me over?
Like the way things used to be
The way things used to be
The way things used to be
I don't want it all back,
I don't mind where I'm at
I've been trying to stand tall.
But I've been placing
So much of my mind's eyes
Just trying to see over these walls.
I put in front of me
When ya gonna answer a phone call?
I'll say I'm on your street
I think we used to laugh
Into the morning
The way things used to be
The way things used to be
The way things used to be
Most of the time when it fades away
I don't really mind reshaping clay
I wasn't always such a sucker
It's the sentimental me
Maybe I'm blowing my cover
But what I wanna see
Is the way things used to be
between you and me.
The way things used to be.

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