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Pharoahe Monch
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  • Chanson: What Is The Law
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Textes et Paroles de What Is The Law

[Pharoahe Monch]
Officer Frank Pagliarule, heh
Shit I hate spics and moolies
On the trains they be actin insane and unruly
It's the "Planet of the Apes"
These gorillas be blastin they tapes
out of they cars like a cinematic movie
Respondin, to a domestic dispute, the culprit
a younger monkey who went ape-shit and decided to shoot
his older brother in the brain
His baby's mother couldn't refrain
keepin sex out the family name
And that keeps me smilin like racial profilin
Forever nigga pilin inside Riker's Island
New York's most violent, black wall of silence
react with black talons when wolfpacks are wylin
For a white cat, gotta admit I can rap-ta-tat-tat
my nightstick, on the top of your cap
My blackjack you'll be swallowin for protestin and hollerin
The policy is quality of life and zero tolerance

What is the law? Know you heard this before
We find contraband in your car, we breakin your jaw
What is the law? Nigga, mathematics for sure
If they walkin in packs of four, they tryin to score
For any - drug bust or cocaine that's raw
better believe we takin our twenty percent at the door
What is the law? Wolfpacks, movin on all fours
I'm flawless with weaponry, mentally ready for war

(What is the law?.. What is the..)

[Pharoahe Monch]
Any formalities in the case of police brutality
I've escaped on finer details and minor technicalities
Here's a verbal medley of deadly force used
Readily abused in that old Ku Kluk pedigree
You better be heavily armed, forever we ready your song
Steadily ready to move and bomb
I'm like - Hercules, when I work my knees
It's a - search and seize that'll hurt indeed
God bless when the bullets hit the chest you'll backflip
SWAT - Special Weapons And Tactics; theatrics hot
on your block we lock down all shenanigans
When we roll you stand stiff like mannequins
Take the position for broomstick penetration (uh)
Legal under the Mayor's new administration
YOU - better forever have your identification
I broke the mold for holds that cause asphyxiation


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