Paroles Told You The First Time de Pietasters

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  • Artiste: Pietasters30733
  • Chanson: Told You The First Time
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Textes et Paroles de Told You The First Time

It's getting late I've got to make some calls.
It's not a matter of how long, but how far.
Break it up, move it.

You want it when for how much, who do you think you are? Shake it down and hold the nuggets fast
That's the only way you're really gonna make it last

Cut it up, run it out, add a fifty on
Cut it up, run it out, add a fifty on Break it up, move it.

I gotta see the city from the backside of your bar.

It's like I told you the first time, it's like I told you the last time, it's like I tell you every single time, looks like I'm gonna have to tell you this time.

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