Paroles Universal Heartthrob de Playa Fly

Playa Fly
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  • Artiste: Playa Fly24515
  • Chanson: Universal Heartthrob
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Textes et Paroles de Universal Heartthrob

(feat. Mista Tito)

[Playa Fly]
I bring fourth to you the champion
a man that so outstandin'
the captain has landed and said that he's commandin'
he love to use his vocal cords
when Black work out on cord boards
see thoroughly he's golden
and he have you suckaz paronoid from phony allegations
too faulty accusations
he takes your situations
on any given occasion
he don't hide
he don't duck
and everyone knows he so buck
I mean this boy he gets aroouunndd a bit
and shows out when he shows up
and smokes up til the roach cock
drinks up to the last drop
catch this cat in the club or in your hood
you'll get your spot rocked
he's potent
he's lethal
he'll simple defeat you
to maintain his reign as the King
he will beat you
see highly he's powered
and nowhere near coward
he's smart with heart the size of de Iffle Tower
he'll hit you like poison
he'll split you like swords men
and shoot back that venom that you snakes have shot toward him

Fly mob, the Universal Heartthrob
aye, aye, aye yo Fly mob
the Universal Heartthrob
aye, aye, aye yo Fly mob
the Universal Heartthrob
thats right, I said Fly mob
the Universal Heartthrob

[Playa Fly]
Well did I mention this cat was golden
but not always so outspoken
quite just a lil' church mouse
scopin', listenin', and soakin'
he laid back gettin' hi and fly til he just couldn't take no more
funk-n-buck erupt from him like lava from volcanos
and everyone wanted to clizown
bound for funkytizown
and everywhere that this cat went
like the Rock, he layed the smackdown
like Goldie, layed the mac down
breakin' suckers off properly
he chased his pay with craze
and said ain't no one here stoppin' me
lil' homez kept on, gettin' on
all night to the day, like mind blown
travelin' through different time zones
on microphones gettin' his rhyme on
he love to get his shine on
but he love more gettin' his grind on
and he'll bend you over backwards
like you don't have a backbone
he'll bust through any road block
he's loced out with his crown cock
with a grin that's so king, it'll skim skin off yo buttocks
on Moet he's a masterpiece
on Remi Martin a catasterfe
mixed there right there with drizo
and you have what he has grown to be


[Mista Tito]
It don't matter by BET
It don't matter by MTV
It don't matter by HIV
all that matters is GOD
all that matters is M the 3
It don't matter how hard we shine
It don't matter, its all in time
It don't matter, I'm gone get mine
It don't matter how big your dubbs
It don't matter if you sold drugs
It don't matter how big your grudge
all that matters that I show love
It don't matter how drunk you get
It don't matter boy who you with
It don't matter how big your click
all that matters, don't fuck with this
It don't matter, M3 come hard
It don't matter Miami gone mob
It don't matter Flizy gone mob
It don't matter Tito gone mob
It don't matter if he hit or miss
It don't matter boy we won't quit
It don't matter that I'm on this diss
It don't matter who finish this

[Playa Fly]
This one kind of know for show will shine so bright
but have you lookin' for him with a flashlight in broad daylight
I say his game so tight, and he keeps his aim on lock
right on his target and the bullseye, so don't get shot
this cat is a projection of perfection
a man made of blessings, who mobs with his brother Punch
and God so he's destine
to rise up, blind shine those who known as traders
and he march for the stars, breakin' hearts and he prays for haters
so mane, it don't matter where bout he go
It don't matter which way he roll
It don't matter which ground he play
all that matters is he get pay
It don't matter if you think he soft
It don't matter if you say he hard
It don't matter whatever your thought
all that matters is that he mob


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