Paroles Where Winter Spreads It's Rage de Posmrtna Liturgija

Posmrtna Liturgija
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  • Artiste: Posmrtna Liturgija10275
  • Chanson: Where Winter Spreads It's Rage
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Textes et Paroles de Where Winter Spreads It's Rage

Freezing mouth of North
Swallowed my heart
Long times ago!

Underhill - kingdom of ice
Below the mightiness of Alma throne
Freezing winds from the North
Are covering with snow
Frozen kingdom upon the valleys
Cold sun glows setting in mountains
Moon reflects in waters darkness descends.

Ice in my eyes shows dark landscapes

As the land lies immortal
Dark fields and trees
Eternaly sleeps where
Winter spreads it's rage

Underhill - frozen plains
Kingdom white and clear stands
Cold sun from the sky
Spreads the frost on the mountains
Over the woods, white - cold valleys
Resting in silence frozen trees
Are trying to withstand the winter

As the land lies immortal
Dark fields and trees
Eternaly sleeps in my heart where
Winter spreads it's rage

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