Paroles Dj Gets Jumped de Prince

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  • Artiste: Prince2593
  • Chanson: Dj Gets Jumped
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Textes et Paroles de Dj Gets Jumped

(This is what it's like in the Dream Factory, oh!)
(DJ Brother Jules on the wheels of steel, we in the house) (Oh shit!)
Fuck that!
Excuse me (Oh no!)
Fuck this disco!
Get'em babies! (They didn't steal)
Spin this muthafucker!
Record-spinnin'? (Oh!)
Kick his ass! (Oh!)
Don't y'all wanna hear some real music?
Ain't y'all tired of this record-spinnin' bullshit? (Man, I'm tired of U)
(Oh shit!) (Oh!)
Yo, check this shit out!

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