Paroles Dine de Q And Not U

Q And Not U
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  • Artiste: Q And Not U31327
  • Chanson: Dine
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Textes et Paroles de Dine

Spider and fly.
Together through thinner, together in prey.
Weigh in, add in, speak in, say in, say in.
The coffers in ways and in deeds and in lies.

Spider and fly, together through supper, together say aye.
Count in, way in, kill in, stay in, day in.
The filth of the rodent in ways and in lies.

A path too great to choose.
A path too great to choose.

Stay in, laugh in, trade in, wade in, trade in.
Weigh in, add in, speak in, say in, speak in.
Spider says, Fly,
Can ways and reasion and rules yet apply?
Stay in, laugh in, trade in, trade in, weigh in.
Truth and reason and fairness yet die.

A path too great to choose.
A path too great to choose.

Eat the rubble and ruin.
That won't feed this baby.
Feed this baby another baby.

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