Paroles Seven seas of rhye de Queen

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  • Artiste: Queen2642
  • Chanson: Seven seas of rhye
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Textes et Paroles de Seven seas of rhye

Fear me you lord and lady preachers
I descend upon your earth from the skies
I command your very souls you unbelievers
Bring before me what is mine
The seven seas of Rhye

Can you hear me you peers and privy councillors
I stand before you naked to the eyes
I will destroy any man who dares abuse my trust
I swear that you'll be mine
At the seven seas of Rhye

Sister I live and lie for you
Mister do and I'll die
You are mine I possess you
Belong to you forever

Storm the master marathon I'll fly through
By flash and thunder fire I'll survive
I'll survive I'll survive
Then I'll defy the laws of nature
And come out alive

Begone with you you shod and shady senators
Give out the good leave out the bad evil cries
I challenge the mighty titan and his troubadours
And with a smile
I'll take you to the seven seas of Rhye

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
Oh I do like to be beside the sea
Oh I do like to stroll along the prom prom prom
Where the brass bands play tiddley om pom pom
Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
Oh I do like to be beside the sea
When I'm down beside the sea I'm beside myself with glee
Beside the seaside
Beside the sea

  "Live at wembley '86 [#4]"

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