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R Kelly
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  • Artiste: R Kelly2630
  • Chanson: Rise Up
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Textes et Paroles de Rise Up

"The Victims Are What Mean The Most To Us And That We Cared So Much About...."
"I Just Really Feel That We Are Going To Be Known As The School That Overcame".

[Verse 1:]
I Know You're Feeling Pain Right Now
And You Don't Wanna Talk Right Now
I Know You're Going Through Something
And You Don't Wanna Be Bothered Right Now
Not Gonna Lie And Say I Understand
I Just Wanna Be Here For You If I Can
To Hold Your Hand And Be By Your Side
And Together We Will Get Through These Times

And We Will Cry Together
And We'll Fight This Together
And We'll Be Strong Together
Stand Together, Pray Together

Rise Up, When You Feel You Can't Go On
Rise Up, When All Of Your Hope Is Gone
Rise Up, When You're Weak And You Can't Be Strong
Rise, Rise Up
Rise Up, And When The Tears Start To Fall
Rise Up, And You Feel You've Given It Your All
Rise Up, When Your Back Is Up Against The Wall
Rise, Rise Up

[Verse 2:]
Now I Know The Burdens That You've Had
And You Don't Think Nobody Cares
A Storm Comes Out Of Nowhere
And You're Feeling Like It Just Ain't Fair
Not Here To Preach About The Private Side, No
Cause I Understand And Now Is Not The Time
See I Just Wanna Help You Make It Right
Walk With You, Holding The Candle Light



[Verse 3:]
You See Struggle So Hard
No Color, No Color
And You Missed The Price
You Are My Sister
I'm Your Brother
And Side By Side We'll Face This Thing
Standing Tall, You And Me

Rise Up, Rise
Rise Up, Rise
Rise Up, Rise

Hey We Gon' Rise

Rise Up, Rise
Rise Up, Rise

[Chorus x3]

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