Paroles Hands Against The Sky de Racing Kites

Racing Kites
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  • Artiste: Racing Kites14070
  • Chanson: Hands Against The Sky
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Textes et Paroles de Hands Against The Sky

Do you really think I'm impressed
By the way you dress its all in your eyes
I still wonder why my heart skips a beat for you and we know
Our fights our endless nights teach us something good you always said
Have you ever found someone, you knew you were meant for?
Pre Chorus:
The clouds will turn from gray, the sun will break (the sun will break through day)
All these games we play, will hold it all together
How did I
Get so caught up in this moment you always said this world was big enough for two
And I
Haven't slept in days, I always wonder what you're doing, where you are
Verse 2:
A year ago when we first met
Improbable romance was at its best
Our worlds were slowly changing we stepped out of the rain knowing that
Stars are beaming and were both dreaming of the words
Ill never leave your side its a hope, its a spark
Its a start of something knew
Lets promise one thing, that no matter how hard this gets will always find a way to pull through
All this silence and I'll climb these mountaintops and find another way to be with you (Just cross your fingers and hope for the best)
Its all you wanted to know that I'm as fragile as you

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