Paroles Desire de Raheem DeVaughn

Raheem DeVaughn
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  • Artiste: Raheem DeVaughn9983
  • Chanson: Desire
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Textes et Paroles de Desire

[VERSE 1:]
Desire... where are you when I need you most? Can't you tell the way I long for you? I think it's unfairly wrong of you teasing me like you do baby. Could it be you do it just for fun, when you know I am the only one? Cause you know you are the only one I...

Desire (oooh you make me)
Desire (in the morning I)
Desire (you baby)
Desire (make me desire you, you, you, you)

[VERSE 2:]
Desire... please tell me why must you make me beg? Desire please stop running through my head. Is it that you love to play cat and mouse? Give me a clue what to do, help me out. Perhaps I'm your subject or just your muse. It feels so damn good to be used, when you know I am the only one.

Desire (ooohh I desire you)
Desire (I can't help the way I desire you)
Desire (ohhhhhhhhh)
Desire (I can't sleep at night... at night)
Desire (I wanna... I wanna touch you with...)
Desire (desire you)
Desire (passionately with desire)
Desire (I wanna kiss you with every...)

Every... every part of me wants every part of you (yeah). I desire you.
I... desire you (I desire you) I... de-sire you. I... desire you (if there ever was a time baby) I... de-sire you (desire you - I would say the time is now). I... desire you (come to me oohhh) I... desire you (it's urgent... can't you, can't you hear it in my voice how I desire you).

["Desire" repeated with ad libs]

Don't take too long. Don't take too long. Please come to me. I want you.

["Desire" repeated with ad libs]

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